2023 Parking Enhancements

It is our goal to ensure that the Season Ticket Member experience improves in meaningful ways every year. In addition to large-scale upgrades coming to the stadium in 2023, we have focused on impactful solutions to improve your game day access and egress. Some of the recent initiatives we have prioritized include moving employee parking off of Route 1, launching a free parking option for a delayed-release lot, and enhancing prepaid parking on the Gillette Stadium side of Route 1.

Feedback submitted to us through Season Ticket Member surveys demonstrates that these adjustments have resulted in measurable improvements to the arrival and departure experience on game day. Knowing that our recent initiatives have decreased arrival and departure times for our guests, we have decided to implement even more incremental parking program changes in 2023.

Beginning in 2023, we are eliminating day-of-game parking fee collection by introducing three new parking options. Details about these changes are outlined below:

  1. Free general parking for all ticket holders: Beginning with the 2023 preseason, parking will be free in all stadium-owned general lots located across from the stadium on Route 1. This change eliminates the need for vehicles to stop to pay a fee upon entry into stadium-owned parking lots and allows fans to drive directly into a parking space. This will improve the efficiency of arriving traffic by reducing travel time on Route 1 and will give fans more time to enjoy the game day experience.
  2. Be paid to park: Since implementing the free delayed-release parking program in 2018, the number of users has grown to over 1,000 fans per game. The popularity of this free option has also improved departure times for guests who wish to exit immediately following the game. Now we are expanding the program by further incentivizing Patriots fans to participate. Beginning in 2023, fans who choose to park in our 75-minute delayed-release lot will earn a $50 Visa gift card. Gift cards will be distributed to the driver of each vehicle and you will be eligible to receive a gift card each time you take advantage of the delayed-release option. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including at Gillette Stadium. This option is not limited to Season Ticket Members and is available to any ticket holder.
  3. Stadium-side prepaid parking: Season Ticket Members will still have the option to purchase an electronic and transferable season parking pass in order to guarantee access to a lot on the stadium-side of Route 1 regardless of arrival time. However, this season the price of this pass has been dramatically reduced to $225 ($25 per game). Stadium-side parking lots offer spaces within the closest proximity to stadium gates. For 2023, these passes will only be sold to Season Ticket Members on a season-long basis These parking passes are electronic and as such, they can be transferred to family or friends attending the game in a Season Ticket Member’s absence. Purchasing a prepaid parking pass will continue to be the only way to park on the stadium-side of Route 1 on game day.

If you have any questions regarding the parking changes that are set to be implemented this season, please reach out to your Patriots Member Services account representative directly or contact our office by email at memberservices@patriots.com or by phone at (508) 384-4288.