Gillette Stadium

Welcome to Gillette Stadium, New England’s premier sports, entertainment and event venue.


Beginning with the 2023 NFL season, Gillette Stadium features a new, more prominent lighthouse that continues to serve as the venue’s signature view. Measuring 218 feet tall and featuring a 360-degree observation deck with views of neighboring Foxborough center, the Boston and Providence skylines and beyond, the lighthouse towers over the north end of the Enel Plaza and interior of Gillette Stadium. In addition to creating new game day traditions, the lighthouse serves as a beacon for the New England community. Guests visiting Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place on non-game days also have the opportunity to ascend to the top of the lighthouse to take in the panoramic views and capture one-of-a-kind keepsake photos, allowing them to enjoy the stadium and the surrounding area in a whole new way.

The lighthouse is just one part of the Kraft family’s $250 million investment in upgrades to the stadium that also includes a completely reimagined Enel Plaza with a grand staircase leading onto the concourse, the largest outdoor curved-radius videoboard at a sports venue in the country, an enhanced Row of Honor, 360-degree connection on the upper concourse, and new concession locations, restrooms, and other fan amenities. It also includes the G-P Atrium, a new year-round premium hospitality and function space available exclusively to season ticket members on game day, and the Bud Light Celebration Beer Hall, an indoor/outdoor field-level hospitality space that gives members unprecedented access to watch the Patriots and Revolution as they walk from their locker room through the tunnel before accessing the game field.

Additional gathering areas, such as the DraftKings Sports Zone and the Commons on the Main Concourse, and the Encore Boston Harbor Terrace and the JetBlue Landings on the Upper Concourse, offer communal spaces where fans can gather to socialize before, during and after games.

The G-P Atrium, one of the newest year-round premium hospitality offerings, boasts 50,000 square feet of glass-enclosed function space. Encapsulating the new signature lighthouse, the G-P Atrium is the Patriots largest game day hospitality space to open since 2002. Additionally, the new Bud Light Celebration Beer Hall features 4,000 square feet of indoor space and 2,000 square feet of outdoor patio space, creating an unforgettable experience for game days and private events alike. Gillette Stadium also features the Putnam Club, running the length of the stadium on both sidelines, offering members access to 120,000 square feet of indoor space and premium outdoor seats located between midfield and the 20-yard line to enjoy.

In addition to the Club areas, the stadium’s Dell Technologies Suite Levels are home to 92 luxury suites that are among the largest in the NFL, ranging from 800 to 2,700 square feet. Each suite is fully furnished with everything needed for a top-tier event experience and features in-suite catering and beverage service, restrooms and a dedicated suite attendant.

Quick Hits

Stadium Opened 2002
Capacity 64,628
Putnam Club Seats 5,876
Luxury Suites 92
Height of Lighthouse 218 feet, featuring a 360-degree observation deck
Size of G-P Atrium 50,000 square feet
Cash-to-Card Kiosks 8
First Aid Stations 4
Concession Stand Points of Sale 550+
HD Video Boards 2 (370' x 60' and 220' x 53')
Stadium Footprint 17.3 acres
Stadium Area 1.9 million square feet
Distance to Downtown Boston 29 miles
Distance to Downtown Providence 25 miles

Fun Facts

Continued Investment: The Kraft family invested $300 million in Gillette Stadium enhancements in the venue’s first 20 years. The new north end enhancements, coupled with the 2021 south end renovations, marks an additional $250 million investment.

The Height of Design: The stadium’s new, more prominent signature lighthouse in the north end zone rises 22 stories above the playing field, towering over the stadium itself, which is 16 stories tall. The 218-foot lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the United States.

New View: The new lighthouse features a 360-degree observation deck with views of neighboring Foxborough center, the Boston and Providence skylines and beyond.

Long Way to the Top: The Lantern Room at the top of the lighthouse can be accessed via a 34-second elevator ride. There are also 372 interior stairs.

On the Big Screen: The new north end zone videoboard measures 22,000 square feet, making it the largest outdoor curved-radius videoboard at a sports venue in the country. Combined with the south end zone videoboard, the new half-acre north end zone board gives Gillette Stadium three-quarters of an acre of video scoreboards, providing ample space to enjoy game action, replays, statistics and more.

Bridging the Gap: The new north end hospitality and function spaces bridge the gap between the Putnam Clubs, the Dell Technology Suite Levels and the upper concourse, giving all levels of the stadium 360-degree connectivity. These new spaces are highlighted by the G-P Atrium, the largest Patriots game day hospitality space to open since 2002, as well as four new luxury suites.

Quite a Club: The east and west Putnam Clubs at Gillette Stadium are each larger than a football field, with cathedral ceilings three stories high and floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing end zone to end zone views of the field.

The Suite Life: The stadium’s 92 luxury suites each have in-suite catering and beverage service, private restrooms and a dedicated suite attendant.