Prepaid Parking Program


prepaid parking options

(new as of 11/7/19*)

Guaranteed stadium-side parking options if reserved in advance

  • Arriving From North – Lot 3 ($60)
  • Arriving From South – Entrance P7 ($60)
  • *NEW: Arriving From South – Entrance P9 ($60)

Prepaid Parking will be available for purchase when 2020 Patriots schedule is announced


(new as of 11/7/19*)

Cash and credit card accepted (Visa preferred)

  • Arriving from North – Entrance P2 ($60)
  • Arriving from North – Entrance P10N ($30)
  • Arriving From South – Entrance P9 ($60)
  • Arriving from South – Entrance P10S ($30)
  • Arriving from South – Entrance P11 ($30)

*NEW: P7 no longer available for Pay On Arrival

Other Patriots Parking Options

FREE “Delayed Exit” Parking is available to reserve in advance in Lot 55, and many ADA Parking options are also available.