We will strive to provide our staff with the proper care that will allow them to perform their jobs safely and comfortably. This will include:


Our redesigned uniforms have been engineered to provide better protection from the elements. We also took a little time to respect the fashion sense in all of us.

Weather Preparations ​

We have put in place more policies to manage weather challenges. In hot weather we will provide more frequent breaks and hydration opportunities. In the cold, we have upgraded our warming tents, improved our program for staff breaks and will deploy our hot drinks stations earlier in the season.

Staff Parking & Shuttle ​

We continue to improve our staff parking and shuttle program. Our shuttle system and shuttle drops will be improved and we will plan to play some music in the vehicles to improve in-transit experience.

Staff Breaks ​

Our break areas are being updated for your comfort.

Workplace Safety

We take workplace safety seriously. If you see something you consider unsafe, please report it to your supervisor or text a message to our staff text number.