Appreciation Events

They can attend Playmaker Events held throughout the season to show our appreciation. Theses can include:
  • Staff Appreciation Parties
  • Preseason Rallies
These events offer playmakers exclusive experiences that they cannot find elsewhere. Experiences such as:
  • Field Walks
  • Trophy Photos
  • Training Camp Visits

Appreciation Gifts

As playmakers work at events, they will accumulate exclusive items given to each staff member  for attending. The items may include:

  • Crew Season Shirts
  • Winter Hats
  • Season Cups
  • "My Season" Playing Cards

Performance Recognition Awards

Our team recognizes top performing staff with awards. Each comes with a digital keepsake certificate and is accompanied with tokens of our appreciation such as pins, gift cards, recognition jackets and even exclusive ticketed experiences. The awards include:
  • Play of the Day Awards recognizing staff who perform exceptionally during a specific event.
  • All-Stars Awards are given to team members who attend all our events and deliver excellence week after week.
  • Guest Choice Awards are given to staff members for going “Above and Beyond” their duties for our guests. These awards are based upon a guest relaying an experience they had where our Playmaker made a positive impact.
  • Most Valuable Playmaker is awarded at the end of the season to a few select playmakers who embody the title. They perform at the top of their game at every event and seek out opportunities to make our guests experience amazing.

Special Occasion Celebration

As a family of playmakers, we want to recognize our special occasions. Our recognition staff will:
  • Welcome you with a small gift on your first day.
  • Drop by your post with a treat if you are working on your birthday.
  • Send you a card on your work anniversary good for ProShop discounts.
  • Send you a certificate for 4 Flex Tickets to the New England Revolution upon signing up for your next season.